Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DIY: Treasure Gold Rave Bra from the Nocturnal Writer

Here’s a super fun DIY costume for all my concert-goers and rave-lovers out there. I’ll take you step by step through the making of this rave bra, which was inspired by rustic but regal gold and treasure. If I'm confusing you, just comment below with questions and I will choose whether or not I'd like to answer you (I'm kidding, I'll respond).

So this is what it will look like:


Buy your bra. 
Just choose a cheap one that you don’t mind getting all sticky and gross, because honey, you’re never going to be able to wash that again after you decorate the hell out of it. I chose a light pink bra from H&M with minimal designs on it so it’ll be easy to alter. It had a pretty lace ruffle going on in the front, which gave it natural rumply crumply texture. Just make sure it’s thick enough so the spray paint doesn’t bleed into the actual fabric that touches your skin (NOBODY WANTS SWEATY GOLD BOOBS).


Gather a collection of small light craft objects that you can stick onto the bra and not weigh it down (don’t want heavy stuff jiggling on your boobies when you jump up and down at a club). You can literally use ANYTHING. Just look in the pile of 'broken things that I refused to throw away because I'm a hoarder' and pick out old jewelry, buttons that don't belong to any coat, flowers from your ex-boyfriend that you haven't burned yet, beads, coins, and whatever you can find that will bring texture to the look. I was about to deplete my wallet in order to buy amazon vintage brass charms from overseas. Then I found a shop next door that sold stuff from China. So I went for the cheaper option. Guess which one I picked?

You'll see I used styrofoam balls. BIG MISTAKE. Don't do it. It'll burn, melt and let off fumes that get you high (in the bad way). Avoid soft plastic items, styrofoam, or extremely flammable items. The glue gun and spray paint will tear right through the surface.

Also remember that you will be spray painting the ENTIRE bra, so don't worry about the color. What's interesting though, is that if you have rhinestones, crystals or anything shiny, we can scratch off the top layer of gold when it's all done to reveal the colors.

Take a look at the materials I used:
- Fake bouquet of red and white flowers
- Gold beads (Two different sizes: one larger one was part of a necklace that I cut apart and the smaller ones are glossed and came in small packs)
- White ('pearl') beads (these are space filling beads because they are tiniest)
- Styrofoam balls (DON'T DO IT)



Ok, so once you have an idea of where everything is going to go, just go ahead and start gluing things down. Start with the biggest objects and gently place them where you want them to be (I know this might be hard because the bra cups are curved and beads will fall off, so make do where you can). Then just let the magic happen! Improvisation comes in handy right now. If you're going to for a symmetrical look, make sure you're working BOTH sides simultaneously so you don't get mixed up of where you placed which size of bead. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT RIP OFF THE BEADS IF YOU MESS UP ON ONE SIDE. If the glue is hot you WILL burn yourself. If the glue is cold, you WILL rip off the bra fabric, which could tear the delicate seams and RUIN EVERYTHANG (ok maybe not to that extremity, but you know what I mean).

Be creative! Rip apart petals if you think the flowers are too big, cut up the leaves if you want sharper edges. DESTROY IT ALL. Pick up the pieces, and then glue them separately on the bra. Remember you are getting as much diversity of texture as you can.

...So I tried to take photos while I was in the process of glue gunning but then I started sticking my fingers together because apparently I couldn't multitask very well so here's some progress shots I took when I decided it was time to stretch my back.

 *musical interlude*


When you have everything glued down and you've let it sit for a while to let all the glue harden and cool (which shouldn't take too long actually), you're ready for the GOLDIFICATION OF THE RAVE BRAAAAA.

People, when you spray paint, make sure you are 1) in a ventilated area (outdoors!) 2) have some sort of mask to cover your airways 3) have goggles or at least prevent yourself from hovering over the bra as you spray because you will inhale the cloud of paint that bounces back into the air 4) use horizontal and vertical strokes when you spray (hold it close to the bra) and 5) have it positioned in a slightly elevated platform on top of newspapers, plastic or fabric you are going to throw away.

If you're on a time crunch, or just impatient, yeah, you can spray the whole thing thick and wait for it to dry for the next 5 hours. OR the better option is to spray thin layers over the entire thing, wait for it to dry in 2 hours, then spray over the first layer after you examine the parts you missed. It gives it a more complete look. Then just let it air overnight to get rid of the just-sprayed scent so you don't smell like a wall when you wear it.


If you're not satisfied with how it turned it, add more objects! I decided that the center was looking a little empty, so I added more flowers. I was about to leave the red flowers its original color, but then it started looking too cutesy, which strayed from my totally female-empowering treasure-hunting look, so I sprayed that gold too.


Now that the look is complete, it should look something like this~

Now all you have to do is wear it!


  Thanks for reading! : )

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I Dreamed of a Bleeding Boat

I know my timeline of photoshoots have been jumbled up, but here is the continuation of my sleep paralysis part I series. 

The title speaks for itself. As previously mentioned, these drawings stem from images my mind captured. Like a photograph of a memory, it was snatched during the transitional moments between dreaming and waking up. The concept made sense while I was asleep. But when my eyes opened and sunlight flooded into a familiar room, the meaning slid under the door and never came back.

Thank you to my beautiful model for being so patient with my impromptu shoot and letting me draw all over her baby soft skin.

"Lucidity and Clarity"
Modeled by Cailyn Criniti